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    Fieldnotes, in action

    In 2019 we held systemic design weekend workshops and used this process to work on systems change to air pollution. This 2020 roadshow is a result of the air team's process. More on the site here, or on the fieldnotes here.

  • Tackling Air Pollution

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    A snapshot of context

    Why tackling air pollution matters now

  • The #right2cleanair: a take action series on PM2.5 and COVID

    This live series served as a prelude to our campaign launching August 2020; you can catch up on the recordings and reflective posts on Medium HERE

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    From 2.5PM to Zero

    Was developed as a #right2cleanair  'take action; series on PM2.5 and COVID

    Session #1 Kickoff (April 22)

    "Invisible Enemies" - how COVID-19 and air pollution connect- and what does that mean for Thailand?

    Session #2 (April 29)

    "Fighting Fires" - the importance of the forest fires in the north of Thailand and ways to help the victims

    Session #3 (May 6)

    "Grassroots to Gov"- how can Thailand turn the tide of pollution and guarantee citizens the right to clean air?

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