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    We are a self-organized, citizen-driven project focused on prototyping and delivering solutions

    to humanity's big challenges.


    100% volunteer run | focused on systems change | based in Bangkok, Thailand


    We launched with an ambition to tackle entrenched environmental and social challenges-

    ranging from waste management, plastics and air pollution, to food and fashion supply chains. Our site gives an overview, including our journey map with full documentation, yet more of the conversation is alive in our community group here and page here.

    Stay tuned in 2024 as we launch our System Design for Communities Guide.

    Our Purpose

    We are an experimental (open innovation) lab – led 100% by a team of volunteers. We bring people together to address environmental and social challenges using systemic and circular design as as process pathway to explore systems intervention possibilities- or in other words- possible solutions to challenges, yet always with a systems thinking (and doing) lens in our workshops and program design.


    We ourselves are reframing and curious to recast what is possible. We invite you to work with us on challenging the status quo and work towards #climateaction, #circulardesign and regenerative futures.

    What We Do

    We leverage an ecosystem approach that embraces collaboration to get things done as a community. From curated panel discussions, to custom systemic design workshops to tackle a complex contemporary challenges our platform is always evolving.


    Our first "lab case" was focused on Bangkok's Waste Management System. In this first launch round we had 3 teams develop prototypes to tackle: mindsets, single use plastic, food waste and recycling systems.


    For our 2.0 lab we have integrated more themes, including air pollution, fashion/clothing supply chains, ocean plastic, while continuing with waste management systems.


    Even with a COVID19 backdrop, we have had two active campaigns underway that evolved from our lab's- you can see the latest on air pollution here, or plastics pollution here.


    You can see what we have in the pipeline here - let us know if you sense synergy and want to get involved.

    How To Join

    We deeply believe in the power of inclusion and diversity – and from talks to workshops we invite all people, from all walks of life to join. There are easy ways to get involved- start by signing up for updates and showing up. You can also drop us a note if you have a specific idea or question in mind.

    The Dynamic

    Our structure is flat and organic. We don't have a hierarchy, but we do have dedicated and self-organizing doers. We are a 'team of teams' and will be sharing our learnings as we go as part of the Presencing Institute's Societal Transformation Lab . This is a larger initiative – we are one of 300 teams around the world convening to work on local issues. You can see the current volunteer team and growing network of affinity partners here. If you are curious about what else we have been doing, we invite you to check out our reflections from the lab too.

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    We were at Bangkok Design Week -

    Online Workshop

    How to use a system approach to solve complex problems? Not sure? Come join this introductory workshop to systemic design - a process our lab uses to tackle environmental and social challenges.

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    CDL at Bangkok Design Week 2021

    ICYMI- we held free workshops on systemic design and circular economy, plus talks and exhibitions related to our volunteer community work

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    #ICYMI - How do we radically imagine our #cities for the #future?

    Here's our session dedicated to #openinnovation at the #community level!

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    Featured on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation DIF Platform

    We shared the Circular Design Lab story with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's DIF

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    Bangkok's Circular Innovation Jam took aim at the plastic pandemic

    The Incubation Network and Circular Design Lab collaborated for this regional ideation event, that took place in five countries across South & Southeast Asia.

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    #ICYMI - The Road to Clean Air

    When it comes to air pollution, did you know you can be a part of the positive change? Find out more in this 'Roadshow'- a collaboration between Circular Design Lab and the Thailand Clean Air Network

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    Did you know that we have partnered with the RSA Student Design Awards and World Resources Institute on a brief to support the creative response to Air Pollution?

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    Systemic Design Association

    RSD9 Conference

    We were live Tuesday, October 13

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