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  • About Circular Innovation Jam

    The Incubation Network, a partnership between Circulate Capital and Second Muse, is hosting a week-long event aimed at reducing plastic waste pollution. The Circular Innovation Jam will bring a passionate group together in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam to learn about the circular economy and develop new ideas to help reduce ocean plastic pollution.


    Participants will learn about the challenge from local experts and take part in a facilitated design process. As they learn about the ocean plastic challenge, they'll have the chance to develop creative solutions aimed at their local context.

  • Challenge Areas

  • Event Flow

    The event is structured around a series of speakers and work sessions spaced throughout the week. Each session we will be looking at a different aspect of systems and design-thinking and introduce various tools to guide participants through a journey in which they'll learn about the problem from multiple perspectives and begin sculpting their solutions to the plastic waste challenge.

  • Speaker Sessions

    There will be 3 speaker sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of systems and design-thinking process. The goal of the sessions is to provide inspiration and guide participants through a journey of sculpting and honing their solutions to plastic waste.


  • Innovation Challenge

    Finalists from each country track will be invited to take part in the program's second round in which they'll receive additional support and take part in further evaluation. The top three teams from the region will then be awarded US$5000 (cash or technical support as needed ) with which to begin developing their idea.

    Meet Our Judges